See what people are saying about Somis Community Church.

Somis Community Church is a place where we can lift each other up, strengthen each other and pray for each other, and grow closer to Jesus.... a place where its members are not perfect, but we serve and worship a God who is.
— David B
Somis Community Church is a vibrant gathering of Christians excited to see God working in Somis, CA.
— Anonymous
A place in the desert of “life”, where you can find a cool drink of love, help with life’s questions, comfort and encouragement.
— Cindy J
After trying many churches and hearing about “religion”, it was refreshing to go to a church that was most concerned about Jesus, and what He thinks. Each and every one of us are missing something in our life. Jesus is that answer. I would invite you to come join me as we worship together at Somis Community Church.
— Anonymous
A good friend invited me to go to church with her, and I did, always sitting in the back row, and leaving during the “quiet” at the end of the service so I wouldn’t have to face myself and the mess I had made of my life. The first sunday I came, I had my little scottie dog in the car, and almost didn’t go in because I didn’t want to leave the dog alone. A kind man (an usher in the church) told me to park it in the shade, he would check on the dog during the service, and come get me if there was any problem. Such kindness! The first kindness shown me here, but cetianly not the last!
— Joy S
"I first learned of this church from when my son began going to school at the preschool there. I was in a very troubled point in my life and was never a religious person, but God's plan for me soon became clear when he basically let me right into the front door. Some extremely difficult and painful situations brought me to Pastor Gary's office where I was saved and accepted Jesus into my life for the very first time. A year after that, after attending church regularly and helping with the sound system, I was baptized by Pastor Gary on Easter Sunday and I have been walking with the lord in confidence ever since! I could never repay them for all they have done for us, and for all the times they were there for us, but they welcomed my son and I with open arms when it felt the rest of the world was against us. They also have an amazing kids program called the Kids Club, so tt has become our second home and a place my son can't wait to go to every weekend."
- Tyson L