Got Fear?

I have fears yes I do… how about you? I think we all deal with some kind of fear in life. Some of us fear more than others. I think fear is a tradition on one side of my family. I even have a fear that someone from my family may read this. LOL!

Fear is from the curse that we have received from our fallen nature. God never meant for us to be afraid. Since we have the option to fear anything, God gave us a fear that will help us with all the other fears in life. Here it is: Fear God as it is the start of being wise. This phrase is mentioned multiple times in the Bible. Interesting! Just so you understand, this fear of God for the Believer has the element of awe and respect of God.

 So how can this fear help with all my other fears? When I place this fear on the top of my “Fear List” then all the other fears lose their power. All the other fears are absorbed through my view of God. It is like looking up at the sun next to a street light. My fears get lost when I am in awe and in great reverence for who God is, what He can do and how much He loves me.