What Would It Take?

I recently asked myself this question: what would it take for me to stop following Jesus? I have asked myself this question a number of times and I believe it is an important question for all us to ask. When I go through this process of digging for the answer, I sift through all the different circumstances of life. Would I walk away from God if He allowed cancer in my life? Or I became homeless? How about if one of my children suddenly passed away? Or if I was falsely accused? When someone I really respect offends or disappoints me? If a gun was pointed to my head and I was told to deny Jesus, would I? Is there a temptation of wealth, pleasure or popularity that would cause me to chose one of these and leave Jesus? What would it take?

I would like to think I would respond like Job said “Though He(God)slay me, I will still hope in Him!” I am not totally sure about how I will respond to each trial in life as the verdict is still out. But I do sincerely pray that with God’s help nothing will derail me from tracking with Jesus.