What is Heaven Like?

The road that we have never traveled on is a road that we can create our own perception of what it looks like. There are many perceptions of what Heaven is going to be like. If we have never been there we create in our minds what we think we will experience. One of the perceptions of Heaven is that it is a place where harp music is popular.  Another perception is that Heaven is going to be boring and hell will be the party place where all my friends will be. Still another perception is that Heaven is like one unending Church Service. With a description like this, who is looking forward to go to Heaven?

According to one has been there, God. His description is totally different then how people imagine what Heaven is like. Think about this one thought of the many Bible descriptions of Heaven. In the Book of John it says that God is creating us an eternal home for us. So God has us in mind in the construction of Heaven, in what we would like and what we would enjoy. Heaven is going to be a perfect fit for us. The “us” would be His children who believe in Him. He knows us better than we know ourselves. I believe He has a perfect set of blue prints for creating a place where we would enjoy. We will not feel out of place as a stranger in a foreign country. It will feel like home as ever a place has felt like home.  HOME SWEET HOME will be the sigh of our souls.