There is a subtle but huge difference between what I “do” as a Christian versus God living through me.  One has me being the subject doing the action and the other has God being the subject who is the one performing. One has limits in its performance and the other dwells beyond limitations. One is filled with frustration and the other experiences a parade of celebrations. One wonders if I can do and the other says already done. One builds a weight too heavy to carry and the other is easy on the light side.

Listen to what Paul said to a crowd given over to religious things that they had invented and created through their own strength. “For in HIM (God) we live and move and have our being” Acts 17:28  It is interesting that Paul borrowed this line from a poem called Phaenomena of Aratus which was written around 300 BC. Paul could use this line as it was totally the truth about our relationship with God. When we cease our operation through our plans and power, He performs the action that is essential for doing well.

Yes it is a subtle difference between what I do versus God living through me but major differences in how things will turn out.