Small Groups Influence Last a Lifetime

This is a testament to the value of a LIFE long Small Group:

When I was age 2-5, my parents had a group of 6-8 families from our church that they “did life together”. My early memories are around huge bonfires and going to Dairy Queen after evening church almost weekly!

Fast forward 50 plus years and it has dawned on me this weekend, that us kids that grew up in that group still have a deep relationship. We have seen deaths, divorces and a lot of life happen since those innocent carefree years.  Even though I didn’t live around them and only visited occasionally, EACH ONE of them would lay down their life for Gary & me!!

That is all because of the COMMUNITY CONNECTION we had as children!!   

Are you in a small group???   

Are you influencing a “community connection” in your children in a godly way???   

We WILL connect to some community!  

We are influencing our children to connect with something.  I’m glad that mine is a godly community!!   

My story could’ve ended in a whole different way, but I’m so grateful that I am in community with SCC.


(From a believer in community)

-Cindy Jayne